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Launching the International Academic NAB (National Advisory Board) and discussing recent developments in the fundamentals of impact investing



An opportunity to meet hundreds of professionals focusing on TechForGood innovation and learn from global impact leaders



Celebrating TechForGood entrepreneurship in themed events, networking, exhibitions and lots of networking


TechForGood Startup Landscape & Champions

Showcasing and interacting with the most promising

Israeli impact generating startups

The 2020 Israel Impact Summit will focus on the following 4 impact pillars

Innovative financial models for financing impact initiatives and scaling

Climate change; agri-food crisis, water  and energy

Production & consumption circular economy processes

waste management  infrastructure

Equality; Gender;

disabilities; minorities;

aging population

Time For Action

Impact is a big topic. IIS2020 will focus on those areas that matter most, the ones we must prioritize & focus attention on to dramatically disrupt for good.


Technology can truly scale impact and drive change. We prioritize those areas where tech has the potential to affect the lives of millions around the globe.


Israel, the ’Startup Nation’ is known for disrupting industries. IIS2020 will showcase some of the most innovative, impact-generating technologies & organizations.. 

Collaboration is essential to creating impact. IIS2020 will provide various opportunities for creating cross-sector collaborations to generate high impact.



The world talks about the need and opportunity in the impact sector. It’s time for action and the Summit is a clear and loud call for all stakeholders to share theirs.


TechForGood harnesses the talent and creativity of the Startup Nation’s tech entrepreneurs to develop Innovative, scalable solutions to global social and environmental challenges.

TechForGood engages international players by building cross-sector alliances around SDG-related issues. Through these alliances TechForGood bridges between the need-knowers and those who can develop the solutions.

ACTO - the Academic Center for Impact Investing & Entrepreneurship at the School of Business Administration, the College of Management has been established two years ago through a partnership with the Dualis Fund and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation.

ACTO is the professional academic entity in Israel designed to provide the platform for developing and teaching the methodologies necessary for impact investing & entrepreneurship.

Venue - Suzanne Dallal Center

The Centre is located in the center of historic Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, located south of the Yemenite Quarter, just minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. Three late nineteenth century school buildings, designated for preservation, were reconstructed and restored to create the performing arts center which was intended to give a home to contemporary dance in Israel and rejuvenate the neighborhood.

Neve Tzedek (Dwellings of Justice) was established in 1887, 22 years before Tel Aviv was founded, by a small group of Jewish families seeking to live outside of the overcrowded port city of Jaffa. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Neve Tzedek had become home to many artists and writers, including Nobel Prize-winning author S.Y. Agnon. In 1914, the Eden Theater, the first cinema in pre-state Israel, was up and running in Neve Tzedek. 

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